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Kpop in NYC Guide

NYC is a city that has everything for anyone, no matter what your niche is. Kpop has become more of a phenomenon and worldly known; now, many specs of kpop can be found throughout NYC. I will show you where you can get your doses of Kpop in NYC.

Where to get Kpop Merch in NYC


Kpop Station NYC is a cute small place to pick up kpop goodies for a decent price located right at the esge of Koreatown. When buying certain items, the purchases will come with free posters or photocards! This is definitely a recommended place to go to if you are a big kpop fan, and want to be in a kpop environment that has very friendly staff. They don’t have the most varieties, but it should be enough to cover the essential bigger and smaller groups.

Mandu Apparel and Accessories KPOP Store

Mandu Apparel and Accessories KPOP Store is a small, cute store located in Turnstyle Underground Market, a full city block featuring 39 unique eateries, shops and pop-ups all connected to Manhattan’s 59th St-Columbus Circle Station. This store also has affordable albums and merch, and has a good selection from albums, photobooks and light sticks, but often sells out fast. To ensure that the product that you want is in stock, you can order it on Mandu Apparel Offical Website and pickup in store to save on shipping. They also sell many snacks like kitkats and pockys.

Bandi Books

Bandi Books is quiet cozy bookstore located a little bit past Flushing, the biggest Asian community in Queens. This location has a great selection for being a such tiny book store. They often have discounts on albums and sometimes gives out free photocards for certain purchases. They update and restock regularly and has many new releases, as well as older albums. This is a great place to go if you are in Queens and is cheaper than Manhattan Kpop stores.

Koryo Books

Koryo Books was the first known places to get albums in NYC before Kpop blew up. Its popularity is mostly due to the store being located right in the middle of Koreatown. It used to be a traditional Korean bookstore with only a little bit of Kpop, but it has now essentially become a Kpop merch shop. Koryo Books’s albums are very overpriced at around $30-$40 per album but they have almost any album that you want. They also have many unofficial merchandise like shirts, pens, calendars and pins.

Barnes and Nobles

There are 4 Barnes and Nobles in Manhattan and then 2 in Brooklyn. Their media sections actually has a good selection of kpop, and you can order it in advance on their website and pick it in stores. They mostly have only popular groups like BTS, Stray kids, Itzy, Enhypen, Monsta X, NCT 127, TXT, Blackpink, Seventeen and Twice.


I personally think that Target is the best and cheapest way to buy albums, although they only have popular groups’ album, and even less of a selection than Barnes and Nobles. The best thing is that Target has a Price Match Guarantee Policy, which can make your albums even cheaper. I personally have never tried it, but I seen people online showing prices from Amazon, and getting albums for less than $15. Target also have an option to buy online, and picking it up in store.


Did you know that you can buy official kpop lightsticks on Amazon? They have almost all the lightsticks from NCT, Loona, Stray Kids, TXT, and Enhypen. Kpop stans are very serious about their lightstick game, so be sure to represent your favorite groups! If you want something more customizable and unique, check out my article, 50+ Best Gifts for Kpop Fans.

Shopping for Kpop in NYC

Line Friends New York Times Square Store

Located right in the middle of Times Square is Line Friends with many adorable BT21 characters, 8 different charming characters created by BTS members, where all of them actively participated in the whole process from drawing sketches to elaboration. There are many other merchandise with characters from the Line series like Brown and Cony, and a lot of photo ops. The prices are expensive, but it is very high quality. I bought a pillow from here years ago, and it’s still in amazing condition.

Kpop in NYC Line Friends New York Times Square Store
2019 me on the large Brown Bear

Where to find tickets for Concerts

There are many concerts always happening in NYC that sometimes it can get hard to track. Most concerts and lives are held on AXS, Kpoptickets, and of course ticketmaster. MyMusicTaste also promotes concerts and meet and greet events. Sometimes, there are even free tapings for morning shows that fans can attend for free. 1iota is a great source to see what events are happening. Through 1iota, I saw Aespa on Good Morning America for free.

Popular Venues for bigger arena tours include Prudential Center, Met Life Stadium, UBS Arena and Madison Square Garden. Smaller venues that are popularly used includes Irving Plaza, Terminal 5, Webster Hall and Hulu Theater. Usually, KCON NY is also held annually.

Cafe Cup sleeve events

A lot of times certain cafes around nyc, with the collaboration of fans around nyc, they will hold sleeve cup events. Some popular cafes that do these often is Grace Street, Bibble & Sip, Sweet Moment. These events are for fans to celebrate most commonly, a birthday or an anniversary. A great way to keep up on cup sleeve events is this twitter account, @CupsleevesInNYC.

Cup sleeves are super fun since you get to be in an area decorated in that specific member or group, and meet other fans. Sometimes there’s themed drinks, specials merchandise, and freebies like photocards and stickers!

Dance Classes

I love Dance

It can be super fun to learn a Kpop choreography in a room full of fans in a dance studio. A dance studio that I have personally went to before is I love Dance. I love Dance has 2 locations, one in Manhattan and Queens for you to take dances classes. They specializes in Kpop and you can have the chance to learn new K-pop dance choreography every month! They also offer K-pop Diet Dance and a diverse number of classes in other styles like Hip Hop and Choreography. The prices and schedule for manhattan classes can be found here.

RnnL Dance Studio

Classes are held in midtown and are individual classes that last an hour and a half. They hold a variety of classes from Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Urban, Cpop, Heels, Breaking, Contemporary, and of course Kpop, and are open to all levels. Pricing and schedule can be found here.

AKF Dance Studio and yp dance studio also seems to have smaller and less frequent Kpop classes.

Kpop Dance Groups Kpop in NYC

There are multiple dance groups that do Kpop dances in public, most performed at Times Square or Washington Square park. If you want to see a Kpop dance in public, you’ll have the most luck at Times Square at night. Some notable dance crew is harmonyc movement OFFBRND If you have what it takes, you might even be able to join these dance crews. Each group has different entry requirements, so be sure to check. They often also hold random dance challenges or flash mobs, so be sure to check their social medias to be up to date.

If you want more information on other Korean things like Korean beauty, or food, check out my NYC Koreatown Guide for all your k-needs.

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