I am one of the biggest kpop stan (especially a huge Bae Jinyoung fan). One of my highlights while being in Japan was being able to go to so many different events (even free ones!), walking around shin-okubo (Tokyo's Korea-Town), and going to tower records almost every other day to pop in to see all the new albums on sale. I want to help you fulfill your kpop hearts to the fullest so I will be writing guides and my own experiences with kpop all over the world to help you make your experience better! One of my best concert experiences was being front row at the MAMA awards 2018. I was able to see BTS, Wanna One, Mamamoo, Izone, Monsta X and so many idols so up close! I must of paid so much, you would think, but the Japanese concert system is so much more different then other countries so you should get a head start on reading some of my guides for more information on that ;)