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Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan

I believe that every student should study aboard while getting their degree at their home university, so I will be letting you know why every student should study abroad in Japan. I studied abroad in Japan for a year and throughout that one year, I had the most personal development and it really made me look at life differently. Since coming back, I believe that I am now a better version of my self. I briefly worked at the study abroad office at my college and I was able to hear so many different people’s experience and made me really want to promote study abroad to more students.

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan: The Experience

This half or year-long experience will probably the best time of your college life. You get to learn about new cultures and languages. You might even pick up a new skill or hobby! Join a club! Imagine all the yummy food you get to eat that whole year! It’s a great time to try new things constantly.

Maid Cafe Tokyo
We tried a Maid Cafe in Tokyo!

Studying Abroad Will Change Your Mindset

You get to meet so many different people from all around the world, and studying in a different country opens your mind to more ideas and lets you have a more global mindset. Through studying abroad you will be a much more independent person and realize that you can practically do anything you want in life.


It’s More Than a Vacation

This whole experience can feel like a long vacation or gap year, but its even better. While you are having fun everyday and trying new resturants, you are still getting college credit that will transfer back to your home univeristy and goes towards your degree.

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan
Jogashima, Japan

It Is Not As Expensive As You Think

People told me I must have a lot of money for studying abroad, but in reality, it’s not as much as you think it is. I personally go to a state public school and didn’t dorm. People who dorm, on top of tuition, (public ~$10k to private ~30k) are paying about an extra $10,000 per semester, and this doesn’t include meal plans. So thinking about how others spend thousands of dollars on the dorm in their home university, it’s basically the same price, or even cheaper, depending on where you are going.

My home school is NYC, and average dorm prices are $18,684 per year, but in Tokyo, my dorm cost for a year was around $4,500.

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan
Kamakura, Japan

Traveling To Other Countries Couldn’t Be Any Easier

Did you know traveling with Europe is so easy and affordable once you are in Europe? I was able to go from the United Kingdom to The Netherlands with a $30 flight and visit France with 70 Euros round trip from Amsterdam. While I was in Japan, I was able to visit Korea 2 times and Taiwan. A round trip from Tokyo to those places were $200-$400. Even though it may seem like a lot, think about how much it would be going to these countries from your home countries. I know flights from NYC to these countries definitely cost more than $850.

Han river bridge
Seoul, South Korea

It Looks Great On Your Resume

Studying abroad looks very good on your resume and makes you stand out from other students. It makes companies want to hire you since they know that you adapt well to different surroundings and take risks. It shows a very good side of you to the interviewer. Did you know, that only 10 percent of Americans study abroad?

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan
Yamanashi, Japan

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan: Making Lifelong Friends

The friends I made abroad are still people I talk to on a daily. These people have a deeper connection with your regular friends at your home university. People who study abroad are much more open and tend to be more adventurous. These are the people you spend late nights adventures and spend time with 24/7 at the dorms. Once you go back to your home country, you can even visit their country and vise versa. Your friendships will these people will truly last forever.

tokyo disneyland
Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan
Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan

You Won’t Be Able To Travel Like This Once You Graduate

While studying abroad, you have support from your home school and the school you are studying in. If an emergency does happen, you do not have to worry as much. Everyone you meet is around your age and has the same mindset and plus, since your a student, there isn’t much to stress about. You can travel without having to stress about work. Many people don’t travel while they are a student and say they will travel once they graduate, but once that time comes, people tend to push it farther and farther. It’s better to do things like this while you are young so you don’t regret it later.

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan

Why Every Student Should Study Abroad in Japan: It’s an Unforgettable Experience

Overall, it’s just an experience that I recommend everyone to do, and it has definitely something that shaped who I am today.

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