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Ranking the themed cafes in Tokyo I been to

During my time in Japan, I made sure to try as many themed cafes in Tokyo as possible. I thought it would be fun to look back to all the themed cafes I went to, and rank them from my least favorite to my most favorite. Remember, that this is my personal experience, and this ranking might be varied to different people. I am only going to be ranked themed cafes. No Animal cafes like the micro pig cafe, or mame-shiba cage or chain cafes like misterdonut, Ginza Renoir.

Ranking the 11 Themed cafes I have been to in Tokyo

11. Pokemon Cafe

This is one of the very first cafes I went to and the one I had the most excited to go to. I grew up playing Pokémon, and it was the very first themed café I had ever been to so I really didn’t know what to expect.

The Pokemon cafe is definitely one of the most well-known themed cafes in Tokyo, in which I had to reserve a specific time day before to ensure I can eat there. This is the only café on this list that required a reservation before hand. The presentation of the food and the decoration of the whole cafe was so thought out and really immersed us into the Pokémon world. While we were eating, a Eevee mascot came out and said Hi to us, and put on a little show, and that was pretty cute.

The food itself was awful and so expensive. I had really high hopes, so it was a big let down for me. The food’s presentation is amazing, but the food really lacks flavor, and some bites was questionable if it even was edible.

Pokemon cafe themed cafes in Tokyo
Pokemon cafe

10. Vampire Cafe

The atmosphere was unique and something that I haven’t experienced, but the overall café was so dark and the staff felt a little awkward. It seemed like a very big restaurant, but only us and another group there, and it was awfully quiet. The food was mediocre, and the drinks were okay. It was cool to experience, but I wouldn’t want to go again.

Vampire Cafe Themed cafes in Tokyo
Vampire Cafe

9. 3D Cafe

The concept was cute but gets boring quick. It was also so crowded and it felt overwhelming. The seats seemed weirdly close to each other and felt cramped, and I felt like I was able to hear everyone talking around me. There weren’t too many drinks and food to pick from, and the drink was average. There were some food that I wanted to order, but couldn’t because the wait time was over 20 minutes. The location is right next to Koreatown, and can also get very crowded on the weekends.

3D Cafe Themed cafes in Tokyo
3D Cafe

8. BT21 cafe

It seems as the bt21 cafe in Tokyo pops up every now and then and Tokyo, but I went in 2019 when this was still fairly new. We had to register for a time slot and went to eat at that time. The only problem was that, because this was a pop up, me and my friend ended up going to a different location to where the cafe was held before until we realized that we were in a different area, and that cut our time by a lot.

The food was very expensive but the food itself tasted surprisingly good. There were a lot of merch that fans can buy, but with how expensive everything was, it felt like a cash grab for BTS fans. I would consider going again if they make it much more affordable.

BT21 cafe themed cafe
BT21 cafe

7. Maid Cafe

This is definitely one of the most unique themed cafes in Tokyo. It was super cute but it felt weird since the other customers were all older men, and the maids were overly acting cute, in which I was fully expecting, but it was much more than we imagined. It really felt like we got transported into another world. The food itself had amazing presentation and tasted pretty good! I would probably only come back just for the cute food. Maid Cafe Experience at Maidreamin Tokyo: Tickets

Maid cafe Omelet
Maid cafe

6. apeach cafe (closed)

Unfortunately, this cafe permentley closed, but I really loved it as it was a little bit of Korea in Japan. It was a two floor setup in Harajuku, with the first floor having very cute apeach merchandise, and the second floor being the cafe. The presentation of the foods and drinks were so cute. I had the donut, and it was filling and the perfect fluffiness. I’m quite picky with my donughts so I was very happy about that.

The café its self was very tiny and very cramped, and very hard to find seats to eat. It also felt that as soon as you finish your meal, you had to leave to let others sit. I tried this back in 2018, and when I went back to Japan in 2021, I was so sad to find out that this place was permentaly closed.

apeach cafe
apeach cafe

5. Aoyama flower cafe

Aoyama flower market combines the elegance of plants and flowers and combines it with a cafe! All the cafes are truly elegant with flowers being decorated at every corner of your eyes. It’s really a great place to relax and sip some tea with friends for brunch or lunch. Every table has decorations of flower that gives the table a bit of a nice pop. Their menu mostly consists of bread items and teas and can be a bit pricey, food ranging from 900-1500 yen. The food is a little too simple for my liking, and it feels like something that I can make at home very easily, but the tea and drinks here are amazing. My blog post on Aoyama Flower Cafe.

Aoyama flower cafe
Aoyama flower cafe

4. Cinnamon roll café

The store itself was interior was really cute with every corner being carefully decorated. They actually had a pretty big menu with any things to order, and I ordered the cutest thing on the menu, which was the omelet. It was actually decently tasty. It wasn’t the best tasting omelet, but was defiantly edible, and the cuteness mad up for the taste. On the other hand, my friend got their pancake, and just by the look of it, I can tell that it didn’t look that good, so the taste probably depends on what you order. I had so much fun being in this cinnamon roll café, being surrounded in cuteness, and I’ll probably try to come back

Cinnamon roll café Themed cafes in Tokyo
Cinnamon roll café

3. Totoro cream puff

Shirohige’s Cream Puff shop is a place I want to visit to every time I visit Japan. There are currently 2 locations where they sell these Totoro Cream puffs, in Setagaya and Kichijoji. The cream puffs are always made fresh and is the perfect texture. I tried the Caramel banana, Matcha cream and custard cream fillings before and it was amazing every time. Both interior of the shop is filled with Ghibli items from the floor to the ceiling and gets you really immersed into the Ghibli world.

I just wish that there is a sitting area for me to be able to enjoy the cream puff on the spot indoors. These cream puffs are for take out only and I always end up eating at a park or a bench outside. Since it’s just an take only cafe, im not sure if it exactly counts as as themed cafes in Tokyo, but I shall put in the thrid place. My blog post on Shirohige’s cream puff shop

Totoro cream puff themed cafes in Tokyo
Totoro cream puff

2. Moomin cafe

Moomin is a character from a cartoon originally published in Swedish in Finland, and grew very popular in Japan. The atmosphere of the cafe takes you right into the setting of Moominvalley. The menu is very extensive with many different food options for anyone’s palate. The menus had sets of meatballs, hand burgers, pancakes, pasta, and dessert. I had the salmon burger with tartar sauce set. Even though the price is in the higher end, it does feel like a full meal and filled me right up, and was delicious. The dish was so well thought out and everything about it was so cute, from the buns having moomin imprint on both buns, and the pasta in the soup being in the shape of moomin characters. My Moomin cafe blog post.

Moomin cafe Themed cafes in Tokyo
Moomin cafe

1. Sanrio cafe

Located in Ikebukuro, on the basement floor of Sunshine city is the permanent Sanrio cafe! This has to be my favorite out of all the themed cafes in Tokyo I been to regarding presentation of the food, interior, choices of food and taste. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by the overflow of Sanrio characters all over the walls and decorations. Most tables have plushies sitting with them to enjoy the meal together.

I had the burger, and I really loved that you can choose your favorite character to put on the bun from either Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Hangyodon. The burger was so juicy and filling and the fries were crispy and the extra powder on it made it have a unique savory taste. The burger tasted like a good quality burger that you would get at a legit burger shop. Nothing was lacking in flavor. My sanrio cafe blog post.

Sanrio cafe Themed Cafes in Tokyo
Sanrio cafe

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