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Unique Capsule Toys in Tokyo!

Japan is definitely known for its crazy amounts of capsule toys. In Japanese, they are called Gachapon. The name comes from the sounds it makes when buying one of these toys. A “gacha gacha” when twisting the knob, and a “pon” when the ball drops down. It’s really such a satisfying sound so keep your eyes open! These fun toys usually have many variations and usually around 200-400 yen to get one variation. Capsule toys can be found almost everywhere in batches of 4-6 but sometimes, there are huge areas dedicated to all kinds of capsule toys. Here are some Unique Capsule Toys in Tokyo that I saw.

I was casually taking the train and had a transfer at Ueno station and just as I went up via the escalator I bumped into a whole section of capsule toys store called Ueno Land and as I took a quick lap around there were some that caught my eye! There’s a lot of places where they have big sections of these gachapon machines but Ueno Land really had some interesting ones! Here are Unique Capsule Toys in Tokyo!

Cat holding up something 
Capsule toy Japan
A cat pencil holder
Cute Capsule Toys found in Japan!
Animals as Cabbages
Radish and turnip animals
Funny Capsule Toys found in Tokyo
Scared Cat looking at mirror
Cat scared of themselves
Funny Capsule Toys Japan
Buff Man
Man hanging on a cord
cute capsule toys in tokyo
Skunk fart
skunk fart art
Cute toy in Japan
Baby animal capsule toy
Baby animal
Animal Capsule toy
Amphibian figures
Capsule Toys in Tokyo
kakigori miniature
Unique Capsule Toys found in Tokyo!
I don’t even know what this is

Which one would you get? I got myself the kakigori one! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for more to share unique capsule toys in Tokyo with you guys! Be sure to check out my Japan posts if you are planning a trip to Japan! When walking around Tokyo, be sure to see each and every one of these gachapons to see what they have inside, they are all so unique and cute! Soon before you know it, you’ll have tiny little figures all over your room! I know I Do!

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