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Kuromi Pop-up store in Tokyo! (Sanrio)

A Kuromi pop-up store! Recently, Kuromi has been very popular in Japan and she can be spotted almost everywhere! From places like Don Quijote to prizes in crane machines, Kuromi has been making a comeback due to her cute punk aesthetics. During a limited time from October 8, 2021, until January 10, 2022, The Hello Kitty Japan DiverCity Tokyo Plaza shop turned into a Kuromi pop-up store! The whole store had a monotone look that fit Kuromi’s iconic aesthetics.

Kuromi Pop-up store

They even had many desserts for some of the Sanrio characters! It ranged from Ice cream to cream puff to castella.

I of course had to get the Kuromi one which was black sesame flavor which is one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors! The face and the ears were made from a crispy foam-like substance but it was surprisingly not as bad as I thought. I wish my dessert stomach was much bigger since I really would have loved to try the other flavors! Even the other flavors sound so much fun! Like Pompom Pudding’s Squash Flavor and Cinnamon roll’s Yogurt flavor.

The ice cream was just a ball on top of the cone so when I tried to scoop a little into my spoon the whole ice cream almost tipped over which gave me a slight heart attack but all was good!

Kuromi Ice cream
Kuromi Ice Cream
Sanrio Ice cream in Tokyo

Unfortunately, the Odaiba location was open for a limited time, but they do have a permanent Sanrio store in Ikebukuro, with these same ice creams and more! Make sure to check out my post about it!

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