ranking the animal cafes I been to in Japan
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Ranking the Animal Cafes I been to in Tokyo

As a huge animal person, during my time in Japan, I made sure to try to go to multiple animal cafes in Tokyo. I decided to look back to all the Animal Cafes I been to, and rank them from my least favorite to my most favorite. Remember, that this is my personal experience, and this ranking might be varied to different people’s experiences at these cafes.

Shiba Cafe – Harajuku Mame Shiba Cafe

The dogs themselves were adorable, but they weren’t interested in playing or cuddling. This behavior is however expected from Shiba since they are known to be independent and a little cold. During my time at the cafe, I even witnessed a fight between the dogs. This cafe is situated right on the main road of Harajuku, Takeshita dori, so it is always crowded inside, and long wait times to get in is possible. The dogs seemed pretty tense due to so many people in the one room trying to get the dog’s attention. There was no food at this cafe and an entry lets you get one cup from a vending machine. Due to this, it is on the botton of my ranking of animal cafes. Read my full review here: Shiba Inu cafe in Tokyo Review.

Shiba inu cafe tokyo
Shiba inu cafe tokyo

Harajuku Mame Shiba Cafe
3F, 1-6-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Entrance: ¥900 per 30 minutes, one drink included

Cat Cafe – Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange

A really relaxing area with many cats to play, observe, and co-exist with. Even though it is technically called a cat cafe, the entrance does not include a drink, and you are not required to make a purchase. The cats here are all older kittens, and were quite chill and enjoyed being petted. The interior of the cafe was very homey, but can get crowded since it is just one big room. It was relaxing seeing all the kittens asleep and a perfect place to go if you just want to chat with friends with background kittens that do their own stuff.

Animal cafe in Tokyo Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange
Animal cafe in Tokyo Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange

Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange
Japan, 〒150-0013 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisu, 1 Chome−7−13 3F
Entrance: ¥700 per 30 minutes or ¥1000 per hour

Otter Cafe – HARRY HARAJUKU Terrace

Harry Harajuku Terrace is mostly known for their cute otters, but they have other animals like hedgehogs, chinchillas, and a rabbit! The otters were very friendly and being able to feed them was definitely the highlight of the cafe. It was just a little sad to see the otters in the small spaces since we were only allowed to feed them through tiny holes with their little hands reaching out for the food we were giving them. The basic admission is quite high since you have to pay for extra services, like feeding the different animals. You need to make a reservation beforehand to pet the otters as well.

Zinguumae426 3F,4-26-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001
Entrance: ¥1,540 yen per 30 minutes one drink included

Cat Cafe – Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

The interior of this cafe is beautiful and it feels like entering something like a Ghibli movie. It’s super cozy and has a very relaxed atmosphere. The cafe is huge, and has multiple floors, and is fun to walk around while looking for cats to pat. I like this cafe because once you pay the initial fee, there is no time limit and we can leave whenever we are satisfied. There is also a big drink and food menu available here, and very conveniently, there is also free wifi. There are so many different cats to play with and it never felt crowded with people. Read my full review here: Cat cafes in Tokyo: Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi Review

Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi
Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

Temari no Ouchi
Weekdays – ¥1,400 and ¥1,000 after 19:00.
Weekends – ¥1,800 and ¥1200 past 19:00

Micro Pig Cafe – mipig cafe

Mipig Cafe has two locations and I been to both, but the one in Harajuku is more spacious and easier to get too. I loved how cuddly and happy the pigs were every time I went. Once you sit down, they will come running up to you, and in no time, you’ll have 3 pigs stacked on top of each other! The staff is also very knowledgeable and they will come to grab one from you or give you a pig when they notice that you haven’t had one in a while. It is the most priciest out of all the cafes, but I believe that it is worth it, and is the best out of all the animal cafes in Tokyo. You can reserve a bundle pack with an 1 hour admission with a drink, donut and postcard here. Read my full review here: Going to a Micro Pig cafe

animal cafe in Tokyo Micro pif mipig cafe
MiPig Cafe

MiPig Cafe Harajuku
Jingumae 1-15-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Entrance: ¥1760 per 30 minutes or ¥2860 per hour. Drink purchase is separate and mandatory.

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