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Pufferfish Ramen in Tokyo Review

Pufferfish and Ramen?? This is a combination that screams Japan. You might first think similarly to what I first thought, is this safe to eat? But don’t worry, no need to sign waivers or be scared about being poisoned, Japanese chefs are trained for years to master the art of cutting and serving fugu (Pufferfish/Blowfish in Japanese). If you are down to try something new, try Fugudashi Ushio Hachidaime Keisuke‘s (ふぐだし潮 八代目けいすけ) Fugu Ramen located in Tokyu Plaza Ginza! Time for you to try Pufferfish Ramen in Tokyo!

Pufferfish Ramen in Tokyo!
Fugu-dashi Ushio Hachidaime Keisuke's (ふぐだし潮 八代目けいすけ)
Shio Ramen Pufferfish Ramen

It’s a relatively small restaurant with only a few tables so be prepared to wait a little if you come during lunchtime or the weekend. There’s a vending machine in front waiting for you with maybe different options. The menu includes two different ramen base for your pufferfish ramen, shio (salt) or shoyu (soy sauce) bases. The ramens are a bit pricy at 1100 yen, but remember that fugu is a delicacy You can also get various ramen toppings and even deep-fried fugu karaage. If you get confused at the vending machine, make sure to ask an employee, there is an English menu!

I really enjoyed this so much and I was getting every last drop in my bowl, everything was made to perfection like the fugu, eggs, and bamboo shoot. It was very light and easy to eat and after I finished I was already craving for more! The lightly cut fugu was really the highlight of the bowl and there was so much more than I expected hiding in the noodles! They also give you a cute plate with some wasabi and a slice of lime for the fugu. Even though they have Shio and Shoyu bases, the classic flavor is the shio so as a group of 4, we all got the same classic flavor. I really recommend this Pufferfish Ramen in Tokyo and if you are around Ginza during your travels, you need to go!

Fugu-dashi Ushio Hachidaime Keisuke’s (ふぐだし潮 八代目けいすけ)
Hours: 11am-11pm
Location: Basement of Tokyu Plaza Ginza (Basement 2nd floor)
〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 5 Chome−2−1 東急プラザ 地下 2F
Phone: 03-6228-5033
Website (Japanese only)

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