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New York Foods in Tokyo

I am born and raised in New York City, with the only time living abroad being a combination of 2 years in Japan. One year while I was studying abroad at Waseda University, and a year after I graduated college. While living in Japan, I sometimes had a strong urge to eat New York Foods in Tokyo, so I would hunt for the best New York Foods in Tokyo every once in a while.

PIZZA SLICE: The best New York Foods in Tokyo

There are now some New York Pizza in Tokyo, but my favorite place to get authentic New York pizza is “Pizza Slice” with locations in Shibuya and Aoyama. The interior feels as if you stepped right into New York, with the smell of pizza greeting you.

The best part about this place is that it actually tastes like real NY-style pizza! The crust was crispy, and the pizza was big and thin enough to fold. I really think this is the closest pizza that you can get within Tokyo. They even have condiments on the counter, like tabasco, peppers, and garlic to sprinkle on top of your pizza, which I really appreciated.

The slices were big and foldable, just like the ones in New York. It’s 400 yen for one slice and 500 yen for a pizza with topping. I recommend their pepperoni Slice. Definitely buy two slices to be full. They have garlic knots and ice cream as well.

PIZZA SLICE New York food in Tokyo
Pepperoni Pizza


Bagels aren’t that known in Japan, and they love their fluffy bread and shokupan (Japanese milk bread). One day I was scrolling on TikTok and I found out that this New York bagel shop existed and I had to go.

They have many varieties of bagels like cinnamon raisin, sesame, and my favorite, everything bagels. Make sure to arrive early in order to have fresh bagels, with the most varieties available. They also have a wide selection of spreads, and I liked the scallion cream cheese one the best. They also have rainbow-colored donuts that are very popular for people to take photos.

The bagels in my opinion still have a soft Japanese feel to them, but maybe it’s because I’m used to New York’s rock-hard bagels. The soft texture is probably like that to make it easy to eat for Japanese people, and is the closest authentic bagel you can get in Tokyo.

I had the bacon egg and cheese, and it was okay but not up to New Yorker standards, but it was enough to stop any cravings that I had. The sandwiches can get quite pricey, with prices going up to 1300 yen for a brisket sandwich.

Bacon Egg and Cheese on a bagel

DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee

American donuts are known to be huge, and Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee at Azabu Juban it does its job! Each donut is around 480 yen and super big and filled me up. It is better to share with another person.

Some donut flavors they had when I was there were old-fashioned doughnut, plain glazed, maple vanilla, matcha, marshmallow chocolate, strawberry chocolate and nuts, cheese cake, almonds and caramel, and Framboise, the flavor that I have gotten for myself.

The flavor was really nice, with the dough being very fluffy, and chewy. It somewhat felt like eating a mini cake, and if you enjoy and crave American-style donuts, you would appreciate this place. They make the doughnuts fresh in the shop, and there is also a seating area. It is very small and when I went, it was too full, so I ate at a park nearby.

DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee Azabujuban
Framboise Donut


Japan is known for its fluffy pancakes, so coming across an American Style pancake is really rare. Clinton St. Baking Company originated in New York. Other than the original in New York and the one in Tokyo, they have a location in Dubai and Singapore as well. This place is always crowded, so it is likely that you will have to wait to get seated.

The interior was very cozy and trendy, and I really enjoyed the large teddy bears they had all over the restaurant. We were seated right by the counter where the chefs put the orders, so it was really fun to see everyone’s dish coming out one by one.

They do a very good job of imitating the taste of the original one in New York with the thin pancakes, and crispy ring, but the blueberry quality is much better than the one in New York. Considering that the ones in New York use wild Maine blueberry, it would be very hard to imitate that quality.

Blue Berry Pancakes

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a New York staple food that started out as a hot dog cart inside Madison Square Park in 2001. Because it is a popular chain with, 12 locations in Japan, I was surprised that many Japanese people never ate here, or didn’t even know that it was originally from New York.

The burgers range from 800 to 1400 yen, and their burgers taste just like the ones in America if I was blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to tell any difference! I personally love the chicken shake burger and it tasted amazing. The burgers themselves are quite small, and it can get quite expensive if you get fries and a drink as well. They even have Japan exclusive menus, like black sesame shakes which I love, and get every time!

ShakeShack Tokyo
Chicken Shack and Fries

Trying some New York Foods in Tokyo and comparing them to the ones back home was really interesting and it’s crazy to think that even though Tokyo and New York are thousands of miles away, it’s really easy to imitate the vibe and food, if done right. I hope next time I go to Japan, I find more New York Foods in Tokyo!

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