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Attending a Music Show in Seoul! (SBS MTV The Show)

Attending a Music Show in Seoul has to be on a list of k-pop fans when they visit Korea, I know it was on mine! During my 5 day trip in 2019, I knew that I had to visit at least one show.
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Attending a Music Show in Seoul – How to

There are many ways to go to attend a music show. I know some ways include going to the tv building and waiting online to get in. Other ways include bringing an album of an artist performing to see the pre-recorded taping of that group. 

There were so many choices but I opted to pay to secure a ticket to watch SBS MTV The Show through Trazy. I also had limited time in Seoul, so I did not want to waste my time waiting in line. Tracy also has many K-pop events that are only available to foreigners, so if you are visiting, make sure to check them out to see what tickets and events are available! 

How to get there

The meeting was at SBS Prism Tower in the Sangsam DMC (Digital Media City) district. SBS broadcasting center where some of its famous shows include THE SHOW and K-pop Star, as well as the annual SBS rewards festival at the end of the year.

Get off at Digital Media City Station (Line 6 & Airport Express) and take Exit 9. Walk straight for about 10 minutes and you will find the SBS Prism Tower building on your left. Once you enter the building, there is a wide TV near the glass wall. There was a guide holding a Crazy logo in front of the TV. They had a list of the participants’ names and will let you know when to head upstairs to the studios.

During this time keep your eyes peeled! While we were waiting for our time to go upstairs I noticed 2 people who were super tall in the lobby. I looked at my friend and said “They look like Kpop idols”. We didn’t know who they were but continued looking at them wondering who they can be. We then heard others whispering about who they can be and one fan knew who they were and spoke to what I presume was “good luck”. Halfway through the show VAV came on and I immediately realized that they were the group who was in the lobby! Those studs on the shoulder definitely stood out!

Important things to know

  1. Do not be late because you will then not be enter the studio
  2. No photo or Video in the studio! Security may take away your phone or any filming device, delete the photos and ask you to leave immediately.
  3. No exiting and entering during the show. Be sure to use the restroom before you enter the studio.
  4. No food or drinks are allowed in the studio.


Once they were ready to lead us up, we went up a bunch of stairs and were led to the back of the studio by some bleachers. The seats are right behind the cameras, but the stage is quite small so it’s easy to see the artists performing. Once you are seated, you are reminded to not take any photos. (I took a couple shhh, don’t tell anyone) The seats were super close to the MCs so it would be a plus if you like the MCs. When I went, it was NCT’s Jeno and CLC’s Yeeun.

The Show Kpop Music show
Music show in Korea
The view from the seats

The whole show is about an hour and the lineup was pretty long with performances back to back. Some guests include Loona, TXT, (G)I-DLE, Jeong Sewoon, Everglow, and GWSN. This was back in 2019 so most of these artists just debuted and were rookies. The bigger groups included Momoland, Mamamoo, and DIA. The reason why I mention the bigger groups separately was that their segments were pre-recorded, and they weren’t in the studio. This became even more awkward when Momoland got the win but because they weren’t present all the idols were just standing on stage not knowing what to do. There were some other performances that were pre-recorded like GWSN and they actually performed for the audience in the studio until halfway when they need to go off for a smooth transition to the next group.

After the show

Be sure to stick around to see some idols entering and exiting the building as well as the inside talking. There’s a lot of waiting since these groups all come down at random times. I was starving so we waited just to see one idol and called it a day.

Jeong Sewoon at a Music Show
Jeong Sewoon

Conclusion on Attending a Music Show in Seoul

Attending a Music Show in Seoul is definitely an experience that a k-pop fan would want to do once in their life but personality I don’t think I would do it again unless you are very into rookie groups. You don’t really find out who is performing until the day of. Even if you know a group that you like is performing you can’t be certain you’ll be able to see them cause there is a good chance it is prerecorded. If you plan to go to a music show, definitely try to see it for free. But if you are visiting for a limited time and want to make sure to secure a seat, buy a package from a travel website like Trazy or Klook. If you want to know more information about how to attend other music shows I found this great blog post so check it out! If you are traveling to Japan and want to know more about kpop events there, be sure to check out my blog posts as well!

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