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Moomin Cafe in Tokyo Review

Moomin is a character from a cartoon originally published in Swedish in Finland, and grew very popular in Japan. Japan even has has an amusement park dedicated to Moomin. People say that they are popular in Japan due to the Japanese’s fascination of Scandinavian art and literature. Vistiors can have Moomin themed food at two locations in Tokyo, Moomin House Cafe Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi and Moomin Bakery & Cafe Tokyo Dome City LaQua. Moomin Cafe in Tokyo is a must visit for all themed cafe lovers!

I visited the Tokyo Dome location during my stay in Japan. The atmosphere takes you right into the setting of Moominvalley. The menu has many pictures and is even available in English. One side of the cafe is a restaurant and the other side is a bakery and gift store. The menus have sets of meatballs, hand burgers, pancakes, pasta, and dessert. Moomin Cafe in Tokyo is expensive for a themed cafe, but it tastes amazing and has many options to serve anyone’s palate.

Atmosphere of Moomin Cafe Tokyo
Atmosphere of Moomin Cafe Tokyo

I had the salmon burger with tartar sauce set during my visit for 1,700 yen. It came with burger buns with an adorable print of Moomin on both sides, (top bun being a full size Moomin, while the bottom bun was a butt shot) fries, tomato soup, and a tiny bowl of vegetables. The amount of food was the perfect amount, I wasn’t too full, but it didn’t leave me hungry. The bowls and plates all came in wooden sets and they really fit well in with the aesthetics. Everything was really detailed and well though out.

Salmon Burger menu at Moomin Cafe Tokyo
Salmon Burger menu
Salmon Burger butt bun at Moomin Cafe Tokyo
Salmon Burger butt bun
Salmon Burger menu at  Moomin Cafe Tokyo
Taking a bite of the Salmon Burger

I usually don’t really like tomato soup, but it tasted good enough for me to finish a cup worth. The pasta in the soup was shaped like different Moomin characters and had slices of sausages in it!

Tomato soup

They are so detailed in making a unique experience, that the utensils were even super cute with Moomin characters on top!

Spoon and Fork at Moomin Cafe
Spoon and Fork

After your meal, be sure to look at the bakery and gift shop on the other half of the restaurant. They have a lot of exclusive merchandise that can be found only at these stores, and many baked bread and desserts. They have their own bakery in which they bake at the cafe and they have a section dedicated to freshly baked goods.

Fresh baked bread Moomin shaped bread
Fresh baked bread
Moomin Cafe dessert tokyo
Moomin Cafe dessert

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