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5 Delicious Miyashita Park Foods

Miyashita park is a new hip and trending area for young people in Shibuya. The park is located above 3 floors full of stores and restaurants. Miyashita Park foods has so man varierty, that you will never run out of things to eat! To see their full updated food and shop directory, check here. When the weather is nice, I love to sit at the lawn and people watch while eating food that I bought downstairs. There is even a skateboard park and sports facility area at the top floor!

I love going here just to eat all the Miyashita Park Foods that can be found throughout the 3 floors, and I will list some of the food that I had while there. It is important to note that as of November 2022, Kuro-Obi Ramen and the Kit Kat Chocolatory have permanently closed their Miyashita Park location.

Egg slut

I have always been interested in eating at Egg slut ever since some of my friends visited their location in LA during their trip there. They don’t have a location in NYC, so when I saw that Miyashita Park has a location, I knew that I had to go. This LA-based restaurant specialize in fluffy egg sandwiches, and I really think its worth the hype. I had the Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with avocado toppings. The bread was fluffy with the bacon perfectly crispy. The size looked quite small, but it actually filled me up. They have Japan limited menus, like the Parkside Sandwich that has shrimp, and the route 20 sandwich. The full menu can be seen here.

Egg Slut Miyashita park foods
Egg Slut

Kith Treats: Best Miyashita Park Foods

One of my favorite ice cream locations in Tokyo. It is quite expensive with a cup costing 800 yen, but it can be easily shared with a friend. They are known for their cereal-infused ice creams, with many signature specials, with my favorite being “The Kin” which has White Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Os, Mini Marshmallows, Cookies and Cream, Matcha Powder. They also have milkshakes, and the option to make your own combination as well.

Kith treats Miyashita park foods
Kith treats Miyashita park foods

Miyashita Cafe

This cafe specializes in making the perfect soft serve. The swirl was made so perfectly, that it was such a shame to get eaten. I ordered the fresh cream milk and the ice cream itself was perfectly dense and flavorful. They even have a soft serve in which they top a strawberry at the top, and delicious looking floats!

Fresh Cream Milk Ice Cream at Miyashita Cafe, Miyashita Park Foods
Fresh Cream Milk Ice Cream

Food court: Miyashita Park Foods

Located at South 3F is the food court, where you can see the variety of Miyashita Park Foods. You can find stores like Taco bell, Mcdonalds, Vegego, Maguro market and Panda Express. This is a perfect place to go with friends who have different taste buds. Order from any of these restaurants and take a seat anywhere you like throughout the food court. This is where I tried the Naked Chicken Taco for the first time, and it definitely was a meal that I can’t forget.

Miyashita Park Foods Taco Bell
Taco Bell: Naked Chicken Taco


On the roof, which is where the park is located, there is a Starbucks situated right in the middle. Although there is nowhere to sit inside, there are many seats around in the park for you to enjoy your drink. This would be the perfect time to try some special Japanese edition drinks. One of the best limited edition drinks I had was the ISHIKAWA Iiji Bo Hojicha Frappuccino® Blended Cream that was available during the summer of 2021 and 2022. This drink as made with local Hojicha.

Japanese starbucks
Japanese Starbucks

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