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Going to a Micro Pig cafe

Going to a micro pig cafe while I was in Japan was definitely one of my highlights! Did you know that micro pigs are very snuggly animals? Micro pigs are also known as teacup pigs, and from the name, they are quite small! They are the size of a medium-sized dog but are quite heavy since they are so dense. The other animal cafes I have been to in the past include cat and dog cafes, but micro pigs beat all of them! In most cases with animal cafes, the animals are usually very tired of people and don’t really go up or interact with you. This was very visible in Harajuku’s Shiba Cafe. A little while ago I made a post about the most unique cafes in Tokyo here. The micro pigs in this cafe seemed to never be tired and constantly wanted to be around people and climb up onto people’s arms. Going to Micro Pig Cafe is defiantly a one of a kind experience!

The company, mipig, has two locations. I went to its original location in Meguro. They also opened up another location in Harajuku in August of 2019, and looking through pictures, it looks cuter and spacious, while the one in Meguro has a more modern feel. When I went, it was the summer of 2019, so the Harajuku wasn’t open yet.

micro pig cafe Tokyo

The Harajuku location is one big floor with a terrace and also has 3 private rooms where guests can rent out a little section with their own pigs. Different plans and costs for the private room are here.

The Meguro location has 2 floors of play space with the pigs, while the whole building is 4 floors high. The spaces are quite small but because it is smaller, the pigs seemed to travel around people more often. They also have a floor dedicated to people who want to buy micro pigs. The top floor play space even has a balcony!

micro pig cafe Tokyo
The second floor in Meguro
micro pig cafe Tokyo menu
The menu

When first entered, and confirming the booking time, they explain all the rules that are needed to follow on the first floor. They even have pictures for tourists in English.  One rule is that you are not allowed to pick up the pigs since they get upset but very friendly and when your legs are stretched out, they will climb on you.

As soon as you sit down, the workers give a menu for you to pick your drink, and even before getting your drink or even ordering a drink, you will notice how friendly and curious these pigs are.

Hello :3

Once one comes on you, others will also come to snuggle up with you. They love having the warmth of each other! At one point, I had 3 stacked on top of each other! Too cute!! Sometimes staff will come to grab one from you or give you a pig when they notice that you haven’t had one in a while. The staff is very attentive. Being with these pigs made my heart so warm and they are such loveable animals. This was definitely better than something like puppy therapy! They also make little sounds and hearing them oink is really adorable! They also make little chewing sounds too!

micro pig cafe Tokyo
Resting in my arms

I recommend buying pig’s snacks from the menu. They have the snacks for 300 yen but it is limited amounts per day. I was one of the first customers of the day so they still had many available. As soon as you get the bowl of the pigs’ favorite food and all the pigs in your area will flock to you as they want to be feed. They will do anything to get some!!

micro pig cafe Tokyo treats
So excited for treats!

Even though this is quite expensive, this was one of my favorite memories while I was in Japan and I love telling people that I been to a micro pig cafe, so if you ever have the chance and the money, go! It is definitely worth it!
To make a booking to go to mipig easily, you can book through klook’s Micro Pig Cafe Experience in Harajuku. The package includes a 1-Hour with Micro Pig Experience with Refreshments and a cute mipig donut.

micro pig cafe Tokyo
look at that cutie

mipig café
Address (Meguro Branch): 4 Chome-11-3 Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063, Japan
Address (Harajuku Branch): Jingumae 1-15-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm
Access (Meguro Branch): Kuramae Station (Tokyo Metro Oedo Line)
Access (Harajuku Branch): JR Harajuku station
Entry fee is 1000 yen (+tax) per 30 min and one Mandatory drink (600 yen~)

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