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23 Kpop Photocards Display and Storage Ideas

I recently have been collecting kpop photocards during my downtime and it has slowly been taking over my life. At first, I thought it was insane that people liked to collected tiny pictures of biases, but I now understand the hype. Most collectors store their collections in a binder but it made me wonder if there’s a more fun way and creative to display and store your precious Kpop photocards. It would be such a waste to tuck them in a binder to only been seen every once in a while!

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Toploaders and Clear Sleeves for Kpop Photocards

The most important thing to buy as a kpop photocard collector is top loaders and card sleeves in order to keep your collection in perfect condition. High-quality photocard top loaders and sleeves can be found on Etsy! Some of the display ideas below are clips, so putting your kpop photocards in these top loaders will avoid unwanted creases!

Plus, you can decorate the toploader with stickers to make cute borders for your photocards!

Toploaders and Clear Sleeves for Kpop Photocards
Toploaders and Clear Sleeves for Kpop Photocards

Creative ways to Display Kpop Photocards

Heart-Shape Card Sleeves for Kpop Photocards

Instead of using a plain see-through card sleeve, spice up your photo card collection with cute heart holographic clear sleeves that are PVC-free! It will make your photocard even cuter, while still protecting them from any damage! You can get sleeves with diamonds, stars, rainbows, and hearts.

Heart-Shape Card Sleeves for Kpop Photocards
Heart-Shape Card Sleeves for Kpop Photocards

Boho Wall Photo Holder

This Boho Wall Photo Holder is perfect for any kpop photocard hanger, a bringing along lovely bohemian vibe.

Boho Wall Photo Holder
Kpop Photocards Display and Storage Ideas
Boho Wall Photo Holder

Brass Wall Hanging Photo Frame

Imagine putting some pressed flowers and then a photocard of your bias in the middle of a hanging photo frame! It would be so pretty and elegant on your wall!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards
Display a beautiful collection with your kpop photocard

Wire Wall Grid Panel

These versatile grid can be used on your wall, or on your desk to create any kind of collage or mood!

Wall Grid collage
Wall Grid collage

Cute Kpop Photocards Display:
Stacked Pancake photo holder

This is handmade using needle felting technique with 100% premium wool and high quality materials. It’s one-of-a kind decoration. It’s so soft and light but yet strong enough to hold photos. Be sure to put your photocards on a top loader so you don’t crease the cards!

Stacked Pancake photo holder
shop: Happiimii

Cute Fluffy Kpop Photocard Holder for Bag

Carry around your favorite kpop idol on the go on your backpack or belt with this cute photocard holder! Maybe, you’ll make a friend with someone who will recognize your photocard!

cute portable kpop photocard holder
Cute fluffy holders for your bag!

Acrylic Tabletop Flip Display

Flip through your cards hello to a different photocard daily! I used this before with my photocards and enjoyed seeing all the different combinations of photocards that I can make. It is also very portable and you can put the cards on your office desk, night table, house table

kpop photocards flip calendar
display your kpop photocards with a flip calendar!

Acrylic Floating Frame

The perfect frame to hold your favorite photocards in an aesthetic way! It can be free-standing on your desk or dresser or use the magnetic back to place it on a panel or locker!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards storage box
store 8 photocards in this display!

Kpop Photocard Frame block

Thick acrylic polaroid frames to display your kpop photocards in a simple but classy way! It will be easy to coordinate with other merch and items you have displayed together!

Kpop Photocards display frame
Simple display frame

Mini Wooden Artist Easel 

These are perfect for Displaying your cards like a piece of art! If you display it with your top loader, it’ll look very pretty!

Display your kpop photocard on an Artist Easel!
Display your kpop photocard on an Artist Easel!

SZOO Fluffy photocard holders

Fluffy skzoo photocard holder for any Stray kids fan! Please remember to sleeve your photocards before placing them inside to make sure they are fully protected! Each comes with detachable keychains as well!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards szoo stray kids
Shop: AshleysPersona

Photocard Album Binder

Go classic and store your photocard in a photocard album binder! This photocard album binder is glittery and makes for a fun collection. This binder fits 200 photocards!

photocard album binder
Shop: ZipitSupplies

Kpop Photocard Holder (Custom Photo) Phone Case

Show off your favorite photocard everywhere you go with it being part of your phone! You can be a proud

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards phone case
shop: JingKuaiStudio

Wood Photo Blocks

Cute little wood blocks to hold photos! These mini wood photo blocks are made from walnut, stained then finished with a clear gloss spray! Its elegant and perfect to put on any kind of surface!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards wood block
shop: AbacoWorkshop

Most aesthetically pleasing Kpop Photocards Display:
Acrylic CD and Photocard Frame

Show off your collection by placing your current favorite album and/or a limited edition DVD in their minimalistic acrylic frame! It features two standard-sized photocard spots for any matching or accompanying inclusions!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards Acrylic CD and Photocard Frame
Shop: Notadeli

Transparent Kpop Photo Frame, Display Stand

These are practical for you to hold photocards to decorate your desktop! Get creative and see what cards you like together!

photocard stand kpop display stand
Shop: LycheeCraft

SKZ Straykids Photocard Holder Standee

Calling all Stay’s! This is the perfect photo card holder to display your stray kid’s collections. This seller even has other varieties of their holder for individual members as well!

dreamclubx has other cute photocard standees as well.

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards acrylic desktop frame stray kids
shop: dreamclubx

K-POP Acrylic Photo Desktop Frame Stand

A plain and simple acrylic photo desktop frame stands for any person in any fandom. You can even decorate the frame to add a personal touch to your photocard, and one of the unique and Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards.

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards acrylic desktop frame
shop: GDDYDesign

Hand made Kpop Photocards Display:
Crochet photocard holders

These are super cute crochet photocard holders that are inspired by seventeen members! They even come with a top loader and keychain!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards crochet holder bag
shop: diphylleiamoon

Cute Plush Kawaii Little Devil K-pop Photocard Holder 

Cute photocard holder for your favorite k-pop photo cards. A perfect accessory for your room or even your bags. It can be used as a keychain, so lovely!!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards fluffy photocard holder

KPop Keychain And Photocard Holder – Hanging

This wall rack is perfect for kpop fans looking to display their kpop merch! It features double-layered shelves that were customized to showcase your favorite photocards. Below that are hooks so you can easily keep your keys, keychains, necklaces, and more all in one place!

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards wood shelf
shop: AnnzRackz

Sanrio Photocard Holder

A perfect holder for Sanrio fans! Pick your favorite character and put the holder on your bag!

Cute Animal Photocard Holder keychain

Get a cute and fluffy Photocard Holder keychain! There are different animals you can pick from a poodle, samoye, sheep, raccoon, duck and bunnies.

Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards
shop: PopMoco

Unique Kpop Photocards Display:
KPOP Photocard Holder Purses

Get a handmade crocheted purse where you can put a photo card in the middle that shows off your favorite photocard! Practical and cute! This is really one of the most creative ways to display Kpop Photocards!

Kpop photocard holder purse
Creative ways to display Kpop Photocards
shop: KellsCrochetShop

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