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Kipposhi’s Blue ramen in Tokyo

Tokyo truly never fails to amaze us with the number of unique ramens that can be found around the city. Previously, I wrote a post on ramen that came with ice cream as its topping, but this time, we will be taking a look at Kipposhi’s Blue ramen that can be found in Shibuya.

At Kipposhi, they have this viral blue ramen labeled on the menu as “clear chicken soup “blue” at 1000 yen. The menu doesn’t state how they achieve the blue-colored broth naturally but the restaurant states that they use a special Chinese cooking technique in order to make the ramen.

According to the people who have had it, they claim that it looks and tastes great, and the ramen tastes light, easy to eat and non greasy. It is a great basic chicken broth.

Other than the blue broth, they also have 2 other colored broths, the Pink colored ginger broth, and a green-colored muscat grape flavor broth. These two additional ramens look great but it seems as if the blue ramen tastes the best, and is the most popular ramen on the menu.

Kipposhi’s Blue ramen
unqiue ramen in tokyo, Japan
colored ramen
green ramen 
pink ramen
All 3 of the colored ramens available at Kipposhi

To order, you have to buy tickets from a machine by the entrance for the staff to show you where to sit. The blue ramen comes with firm noodles gently placed in the bowl, a soft-boiled egg with a perfectly runny yolk, chicken slices, and some vegetables. You can buy additional toppings to make the ramen of your liking through the machine as well.

Conveniently, the restaurant is located in Shibuya, but the place is hard to find. First, find the closest seven-eleven, and take the stairs on the right, and the restaurant will be in front. The shop is small but the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly towards foreigners. Not to mention, the store is filled with Hatsune Miku figurines which goes along quite well with the light blue aesthetic of their most popular ramen.

Honestly, it seems as if the taste isn’t anything crazy, and tastes like a good bowl of chicken ramen, but if you want to have a fun ramen experience, Kipposhi’s Blue ramen is the perfect place to have lunch at! Hours are from 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm, and closed on Wednesdays.

Kippōshi 吉法師
Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jinnan, 1 Chome−11−5 ダイネス壱番館渋谷102

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