Tanpopo House
Asia,  Japan

The cheapest place to buy clothes in Tokyo!

Tanpopo House in Takadonobaba, Shinjuku is the cheapest place to buy clothes in Tokyo! I have been going to this second-hand store since I went to college at Waseda University for a year for an exchange program. Here are also posts on my blog about Japan you should check out if you are in Japan!

3 years later, this place is still the same it was before I left. At the front of the store, there’s a permanent rack of clothes for 105 yen, and I wouldn’t be lying if I say that’s basically my home. It’s mostly filled with t-shirts and sweaters, but other items such as dresses and pants can be found. The quality might not be the best, but they are usually good enough for casual wear. Just make sure to wash it before your first wear!

cheapest clothes tokyo
thrift store in tokyo
105 yen rack

Other than the 105 yen rack, they have many other clothes ranging from 300 – 800 yen. They have different items ranging from shirts, sweaters, skirts, jeans, dresses, and anything you can think of!

Of course, there will be days that they won’t have any clothes that you like, and it really just depends on your luck, and how much time you dedicated to looking through the items. I usually spend a good 1 and a half hours and I find unique gems for 100 yen! Truly the cheapest place to buy clothes in Tokyo!

105 yen clothes
thrift store clothes
cheap clothes tokyo
105 yen rack!

There’s even a section on the wall behind the pay counter for more expensive and brand-name items! There’s a dressing room so be sure to ask the staff to take it down so you can try it on to see if it fits!

Cheap used brand clothing in Tokyo
Desginer clothes!

On the right side of the pay counter, there’s a little area for accessories such as shoes, bags, necklaces, and bracelets. Be sure not to forget to take a peek to see what they have!

outfit from tanpopo house 
thrift store in shinjuku Tokyo
tanpop house outfit shinjuku thrift

Be sure to stop by to buy some clothes, but make sure to limit yourself since its so easy to buy too much since they are all so cheap!

The cheapest place to buy clothes in Tokyo!
Tanpopo house tokyo
thrift store tokyo

Tanpopo House
2-8-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku , 169-0075
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takadanobaba Station Exit 6: 3 minutes walk
JR Takadanobaba Station Waseda Exit: 5 minutes walk
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Nishi-Waseda Station: 5 minutes walk

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