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Capsule Hotel Experience in Japan (nine hours)

During my time traveling around Japan, I needed a quick and affordable place to stay. Most hostels and hotels range from ¥4,000-¥5000 ($30-37). Traveling through different cities per day, these costs can add up to a lot. It was very important for me to save money when I can, which led me to stay in a capsule hotel for a couple of my trips!

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Today, I will be writing about my experience staying at Capsule Hotel nine hours Nagoya Station. My stay was ¥2,835 which is $21 in today’s US currency (June 2022).

Sleeping pod in Capsule hotel in Japan
Sleeping pod

They have a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi throughout the building. The location is just 3 minutes away from Nagoya station, which provided access straight from the bullet train. Check in was extremely easy but I accidentally booked the Capsule Room for Male instead of the Female capsule. They were kind to switch it for me, but warned me to make sure to book the right one next time.

They provide lockers the size of 36cm(Width)x58cm(Depth)x200cm(Height) for each guest. They can also store luggage at the front desk if doesn’t fit in the locker without any extra charge.

nine hours capsule hotel
qr code for lockers

Free amenities included toiletries, shower, towels, slippers, hairdryer and a shared toilet, bathroom and lounge. Everything was very clean and easy to use, and the shower had great pressure with bottles of shampoo and conditioner ready to use. The modern look definitely made it feel like like a capsule hotel, but more of a normal hotel. During the time I went, there were not that many other guests so I never bumped into anyone while using the area.

capsule hotel nine hours bathroom
shared bathroom space
capsule hotel nine hours shower
nine hours shower

In total, this capsule hotel has 6 floors with the shower and locker being on its own separate floor.

nine hours floor guide
floor guide
nine hours floor plan
6th floor floor plan

The sleeping pods were quite comfier than expected. The size was big enough for rolling around and getting into the best position for sleeping. When its time to sleep, or you just want a little privacy, there is a curtain that can be brought down to a hook that closes off the sleeping pod. On my floor there were about 5 people staying at the same time I was.

The only problem I had was the amount of alarms that went off in the morning and waking me up, but other than that, it was a good sleep. I only stayed for one night, but Capsule Hotel nine hours Nagoya Station notes that guests staying for 2 consecutive nights or more must leave the room between 10:00-14:00 everyday for room cleaning purposes. Check-in at nine hours Nagoya Station is from 14:00, and check-out is until 10:00.

capsule hotel nine hours sleeping pod
inside view of sleeping pod
capsule hotel nine hours sleeping pod
closed curtain sleeping pod
nine hours sleeping pod inside
the outlets and light knob in the sleeping pods

It’s a really great value for money and I really recommend this for any budget traveler who needs a place to stay for a night or two! It’s close to the station and very easy to find. They also seem to have a breakfast set for those who buy it at their cafe on the first floor.
Capsule Hotel Nine Hours have multiple locations in Tokyo, as well as Kyoto, Narita airport, Sendai and many other cities. Be sure to book a capsule on your next trip to Japan!

Capsule Hotel Nine Hours Nagoya Station
Address: Nakamura-ku Meieki 2-42-2, Nagoya, 450-0002, Japan
中村区名駅2-42-2, 名古屋市
Phone: +81 52 526 1665

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